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Zari Hassan Affectionately Dances With Diamond Platinumz.


Zari Hassan is famously known as the Late Ivan Ssemwanga’s widow with whom they sired three kids. It should however be remembered that before Ivan’s death, Zari had already hooked up with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz and the two were in a serious relationship.

Both Diamond and Zari had two kids togethwr before partying ways ny names of Tiffah and Prince Nilan Dangote. Zari broke up with the singer after he had cheated on her with one Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto with whom he had a boy child.

Zari Hassan with a black rose,took their break up to her instagram. Ever since she broke up with Diamond Platinumz, Zari hooked her self up with different men not until when she towards the end of last year 2022 started dating with a one Shakib Lutaaya with whom they have always been lovey Dovey despite their age difference.

However, Zari was recently spotted in a video in which she is dancing alongside her ex or baby daddy Diamond Platinumz in an affectionate manner where they are portrayed so close to each other which has left Netizines wondering about how Shakib would be feeling about their romantic dance moves.


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