Home Celebrity Gossip “Who Is Sheilah Gashumba”?. Asks Robin Kisti.

“Who Is Sheilah Gashumba”?. Asks Robin Kisti.


Both Robin Kisti and Sheilah Gashumba were formerly working on NTV years back and were always seen hanging out together during the days they used to work at the television station.

The beef between these two television hosts sparked off way back in 2019 when Sheilah Gashumba came out on live television only to claim how the Nation  Media television station used to pay her little amounts of money yet she could work tooth and nail.

When this got to  Robin Kisti,she clapped back at Sheilah who she advised to stay humble since it was on NTV where she began her career and that its where people got to know her.

Howe However, Kisti who once revealed how she even used to pay visits to Sheilah Gashumba at her father’s place has now stopped at nothing but to swallow her own words when in one interview she was asked about Sheilah:

“Who is Sheilah Gashumba?” .Robin Kisti asked the interviewer.

Their beef is also reported to have taken twists when NBS television chose Sheilah Gashumba over Robin Kisti to co host the Nbs after five show which airs from Monday to Friday alongside Douglas, Mc Kats, Dj Mercy and Dj Roja, yet Robin was eyeing the same show.


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