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The Late Asia’s Mother Finally Breaks The Silence About Her Daughter’s Cause Of Death.

Asia Namirembe Babirye was one famous Tiktoker who always entertained her fans and revelers on the platform where by the time she passed, she had gained a huge fan base.

Asia was brought into the lime light by Sb4 media who always interviewed her alongside her mother. Due to these interviews, the late Asia managed to receive financial help from famous celebrities and amongst these included mama Fina a re-known herbalist, singer Spice Diana among others.

In this case therefore, Asia who always lived in a leaking roofed house, was built a house of her own in which she had moved before her death.Asia’s death came as a shock to many whereby everyone kept wondering about her actual cause of death however much some claimed it were ulcets, her father reported that a one doctor had told him his daughter was poisoned.

However, Asia’s mother who was still mourning the loss of her beloved daughter, has now in one interview with Sb4 media said her daughter was poisoned which confirms her husband’s truth of the matter.

“My daughter was poisoned and the poison was put in a soda the day she went to church with her fellows… and i know it must have been someone close.” Asia’s mother says.


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