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The Apple Music Africa Now Radio Pays Tribute To Costa Titch.

Costa Titch real names Costa Tsobaglonou passed on while performing at the ultra festival in his home country South Africa. His death was a blow to the South African music industry since they had just lost and were still mourning the death of Rapper AKA real names Kieran Forbes whose life was claimed through a bullet in his head.

However, as the entire South African music fraternity and world came out to mourn the passing of Costa Titch who was reported to have had an epileptic disease though his family members said he never had one, the apple music Africa Now Radio has also come out to mourn and pay tribute to the fallen young  talented rapper .

“As an artist, Costa really upped the level of stage presence and performance value.¬† With his dancing,he understood how to let music connect with the body. He always showed us how to perform better……somebody that kind, studied the game and then found a way to fit into it and how to become successful .And it will be hard for us to come to terms wuth his loss and even find someone to fill that void” .YoungCPt tells Apple music.



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