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Spice Diana Finally Gives Reasons As To Why She Blocked Sheebah Karunji.


There has always been an ongoing exchange of words between the Spice gadgets, a camp made up of Spice Diana’s fans and the Sheebah holics who are famously known as Sheebah Karunji’s die hards.

This all began after the famed Spice Diana’s mega concert which took place at lugogo cricket oval on January 3rd 2023. The concert was criticized by allot of people which included a one Ritah the dancer where by she claimed the siri regular hit maker did not sing well and on top of that, Spice and her manager Roger were threatening to kill her after she came outto reveE fact that they had in one way or the other cheated her since she didn’t perform at the event as they had agreed.

With all this said, Spice Diana and management decided to arrest Ritah the dancer which seemed to have not sat well with a number of netiziǹes and different celebrities,Sheebah Karunji inclusive. Sheebah Karunji then came out to advise  claiming arresting Ritah wasn’t necessary.

Spice Diana who seemed to have taken Karunji’s moves as a sign of hypocrisy,and with all that was happening on their different social media platforms, the onsanula singer decided to block Sheebah Karunji.

It should however be noted that Spice had never came out to give reasons as to why she made such a move but she in one interview revealed her own reasons where by she claims she was tired of seeing Sheebah Karunji’s posts on Instagram.

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