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Russia Preparing For Nuclear Warfare

President Putin watched the nuclear drills via video link. Source: BBC

Five days before the invasion of Ukraine, Russia conducted Nuclear warfare drills which involved firing of Ballistic and cruise missiles, similar drills were conducted by Russia Yesterday and they were overseen by President Vladimir Putin.

The drills come a few days after President Zelensky warned last week that Moscow is planning on using “dirty bombs” in the Ukraine war. A “dirty bomb” is an explosive device mixed with radioactive material.

This time the ballistic and cruise missiles were launched from the Arctic to Russia’s Far East, Report by BBC indicated.

Internet Photo

On the other hand, in north-western Europe, Nato is also staging its own nuclear exercises, dubbed “Steadfast Noon“. Reports indicate that, the training flights involving 14 countries were taking place until Sunday over Belgium, the UK and the North Sea.

President Putin was shown on Russian TV watching a video feed of the launch. Footage was also broadcast of remarks he gave via video-link to a conference of regional intelligence services.

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