Home Celebrity Gossip “Respect Your Husband Regardless Of His Financial Status”. Says Zuena Kirema.

“Respect Your Husband Regardless Of His Financial Status”. Says Zuena Kirema.

Zuena Kirema is legally married to legendary artist Bebecool with whom they got hooked up in the early 90’s while Zuena was contesting for miss Uganda.

TheĀ  couple which has sired kids together in the course of their marriage,have since then fought so hard to keep their relationship intact through thick and thin. Bebe cool is considered as one musician who loves and respects his beautiful wife and therefore refers to himself as, ‘Big size, Ba wa Zuena’.

Zuena, who recently celebrated her birthday, was showered by a beautiful birthday message from Bebecool, who penned his heart down on his different social media platforms where he went ahead to praise the mother of his five kids.

However, during an interview, when Zuena was questioned about how she has managed being married to the ‘love you everyday’ hit maker for this long, all she had to say and advise all ladies out there is to respect their husbands,give them space where necessary,love and cherish them regardless of their financial abilities.

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