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Queen Of Buganda Nabagereka Reveals She Has Twins With The King.


Her Royal Highness Nabagereka Nagginda Luswata Mutebi is the queen of Buganda and the two have been married for decades. As we all know, the Royal couple have a daughter together named Katrina Ssangalyambogo who is now in her teenage ages.

The news on our desk is now to our surprise that the queen of Buganda secretly in 2010 had twins with the king Kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi which they did not reveal to the public. This,to our conclusion means the queen and the kabaka of Buganda together have three daughters with Katrina Ssangalyambogo inclusive.

Nabagereka is reportedly to have revealed the bombshell in her book that she is looking forward to release later this month on 23rd March 2023. The book is dubbed:

“The Life Of Nabagereka Of Buganda Queen Slyvia Nagginda Luswata”.

According to this news, this evidently means in 2010,as the country was gearing up for the 2011 elections, there was a momentous ceremony taking place in the kingdom.

The book is about her auto-biography and she in several pages mentions her daughters named Ssanga Jade and Jasmine. On page 307 of the autobiography she writes:

“On December 2010, i was blessed with two girls, Jade Nakato and Jasmine Babirye born in Kampala.They are two amazing girls who are more passionate about people, which at their age,  I find outstanding”. The queen goes ahead to mention the twins and refers to them as “my daughters”.

This has been termed as the country’s most guarded secrets.

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