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Queen Nabagereka Says She Had No Idea The King Had Other Children.


Nabagereka Slyvia Nagginda is the Queen of the Buganda kingdom after being married to the kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebbi years back.

According to her autobiography that is set to be launched on 23rd March 2023,the Queen talks about different issues including how the kabaka came to woo her heart through a letter and an email he surprisingly sent to her, asking for her hand in marriage.

It is however, in her autobiography where she also confesses the fact that she had no idea the kabaka had more kids since she only knew about a son of his and therefore got to know about the others two months before their wedding:

“I only knew about his son Prince Junjju Kiweewa”.

“The kabaka and I have a blended family,which means from day one,i was mother to three amazing kids Junju,Joan and Victoria who have been a blessing in my life”.

Nabagereka says she came to know about the kabaka’s other kids a few months before their wedding during their last visit to London.

” So, i asked, Ronnie how many children do you really have?.Three, he said. Three?, i quizzed, he replied, yes, three but most people do not know about the other two, they are girls” i was quiet for a few minutes hoping he would say he was just kidding, but he didn’t”.

“He wasn’t kidding, that rattled me a bit”.



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