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New Horror Movie “Terrifier 2” is too Graphic to make people throw up and faint.


The movie – which is currently being shown in American cinemas – is leaving viewers in shock due to the level of graphic violence.

The movie, which features a silent but very expressive maniac named Art the Clown, has also gained a degree of infamy thanks to social media posts claiming that audience members are fainting and vomiting at screenings of the film. “My friend passed out and the theater called an ambulance. Highly recommended,” as posted on Twitter

The producers of the movie have gone ahead to warn the cinemagoers about the movie as tweeted, “‘Terrifier 2’ is reportedly causing cinemagoers to faint and vomit during screenings. A warning about the film’s graphic content has been issued by producers to ensure viewers are fully prepared for what they are about to see. “

Watch official trailer below (Warning content might be considered graphic to some viewers):


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