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“I Thought We Were Good”. Says Spice Diana About Her And Sheebah Karunji.


As their fans and well wishers were jubilating about Spice Diana and Sheebah Karunji’s overwhelming friendsip,tge two songbirds came out to prove they were never friends but it was just a mask.

During an interview, Sheebah Karunji when asked about their relationship between her and Spice Diana, she said:

“There was no friendship, we don’t want to fake anything.friendship is different, we have an understanding in the industry which is called, mutual respect.,for colleagues okay?”. Lets not confuse these two, mutual respect for colleagues, she added.

However, during Miles Rwamiti’s show, he questioned Spice Diana about what had happened between her and Sheebah Karunji, and all she had to say is, she all alongĀ  thought they were good and also said she had no idea about what happened which she asks her self too.

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