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“I Have Not Seen Or Communicated With My Daughters For Seven Years”.Says Pastor Bujingo.


The C.E.O Salt Media, pastor Aloysious Bujingo is evidently believed to have parted ways with his long time legally married wife Teddy Bujingo Nalunswa following a cheating scandal where by the pastor hooked up with a one Suzan Makula who was by then, a worker at the Salt Media with whom pastor Bujingo fell in love and decided to let go of his wife Teddy.

With all this done, allot of people came out to criticize the motor mouthed pastor with his fellow pastors inclusive who then tried to advise him against adultery but Bujingo turned a deaf ear, giving his own reasons as to why he had to leave a 20plus year old marriage and seek for greener pastures till date.

However, during ine of his summons at his Canan land church, pastor Bujingo confessed the faxt that he hasn’t for seven years been able to communicate with his three daughters alongside his son named Isaac for seven years.

“For the last seven years,we’ve not chatted,we’ve not talked to each other, no messages, no what,but to me, the door is open,i want to release my blessings as a father.The blessings of my father in heaven, the son, and the Holy Spirit.My blessings as their parent”.

It should also be noted that one of his daughters by names of Dorren recently graduated at Makerere University with a degree in Engineering and Telecommunications and when she was asked about her father in a one interview, she said she communicates with him through family members.



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