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Two Unsatisfied Clients in California Sue Marijuana Company


A law suite was filed by Jasper Centeno of Long Beach and Blake Wilson of Fresno filed a in state court against DreamFields Brands of false advertising, intentional misrepresentation and unjust enrichment, among other charges.

The California cannabis company is being sued by two local consumers for allegedly lying about the potency of its products.

The issue in the case is how much Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is contained in DreamFields’ Jeeter pre-roll products. The two disgruntled customers are suing the California marijuana company, alleging that their pre-rolled joints were not as strong as claimed. THC is the chemical found in cannabis that gives users a high.

The California Department of Cannabis Control requires companies to label cannabis products with their THC content, expressed as either a percentage or in milligrams. And the THC content on the label must be within 10% of the actual THC content, according to the department’s code of regulations.

Cannabis is a multibillion-dollar business in the Golden State, which has the longest-standing legal marijuana legislation in the country. California topped the nation in marijuana sales last year at $5.7 billion, according to the Annual Marijuana Business Factbook.

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