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Buganda Kingdom’s Spokes Person Reveals Reasons As To Why The Katikiro Didn’t Attend Nabagereka’s Book Launch.

The Queen of Buganda Kingdom, Nabageraka Nagginda Luswata on 23rd March 2023 launched her long awaited autobiography at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

The launch was clearly and evidently attended by clergymen and women from other kingdoms across the Nation apart from those from the Buganda kingdom itself, an issue that raised questions from Netizines and different concerned citizens across the country.

According to some critics, including Tamale Mirundi who is a political analyst and was once a senior presidential advisor, he alleged due to other important members of the kingdom especially the katikiro of Buganda kingdom, their absence clearly painted a picture that the queen Nabagereka was abandoned, since the kabaka of the kingdom is sick.

However, the kingdom’s spokesperson by names of Noah Kiyimba came out to reveal the fact that the katikiro only didn’t attend the queen’s  launch only because by the time it was taking place, there was another important function being held in the kingdom. He further more said the katikiro was on leave.


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