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BebeCool Confesses He Respects Sheebah Karunji.

Singer BebeCool is one of the most talented legends in the industry who has for over the years he has spent in the music industry stopped at nothing to thrill Ugandans with his best songs and music videos over time.

It should be noted that he also started up a habbit of creating a list for the best artists which he does at every end of each year and most artists are always waiting to appear on his list.

However, the gagamel boss seems to love the work Sheebah Karunji does and how she has continuously dedicated herself to the music industry. He therefore sees the ice cream break through hitmaker as a talented and hardworking female artist.

“She reached a point and realised dancing was not rewarding and decided to hold the microphone. Her voice was bad at first, but she worked on it. Sheebah is now an old woman but her dancing skills are still marvel”. He applauds her.

BebeCool also reveals how Sheebah Karunji once danced in his music videos.

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