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Actress Jayla Walton Death Hoax. Is She Still Alive or Dead? Find Out Here


Different social media pages are covered with a TikTok video showing how renown actress Jayla Walton passed away but here we tell you the truth whether she is still alive or dead and why they’re all saying RIP.

The clip is trending on social media after Jayla was reported dead by some unreliable sources.

Actress, athlete, model, and inventor Jayla Cookie Walton hails from the United States. Jayla is well-known for her roles in No Days Off (Self, 2018), Utopia (Girl, 2020), and 1-800-Hot-Nite (Kelly).

Jayla is a prominent family member and actress best known for being Javon Walton’s younger sister in the movie Euphoria. She had an appearance in the Amazon Prime series Utopia as an actress. She played the part of Kelly in the 2022 film 1-800-Hot-Nite.

However, a few unreliable sources reported Walton’s death on the internet and as a result, we can safely assume that Jayla Walton death was just a hoax created by some people to gain attention.

Also Watch the video below:

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