Who is Sean Musa Carter?

Sean Musa Carter is a Ugandan born and raised well experienced journalist, a timeless news writer, content creator through original video editing and commentary. I am a web designer with loads of experience, a digital marketing expert, SEO developer and an I.T consultant.

My journey started back in 2016 as a simple news writer and editor at EnewsUganda.com before joining a few other online publishing companies and later starting up Blizz.co.ug with a group of fellow dreamers who have today made it the biggest Entertainment website in the country.

Later I started up another venture, Celebpatrol.com, another platform with a team concentrating on content creation in terms of delivering timely news, latest music uploads and reliable updates.

My YouTube Channel (Sean Musa Carter) gained momentum in 2020 delivering relevant, trending and true Entertainment news from Uganda, before changing course and now focusing more on International stories, viral videos, content on demand and relevant celebrity Interviews.

With web designing, I work with a United Kingdom, London based Digital marketing agency called BeNice Media and we have been partnering for over 4 years, developing websites for different clients, creating content like article article writing and expert advice to different clients.