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153 Dead and Many Others Hospitalized after Halloween Party Stampede in South Korean Capital Seoul.


At least 153 people were killed and dozens more injured in an apparent crowd surge at packed Halloween street party in the South Korean capital of Seoul.

The crush took place in the nightlife district of Itaewon. What caused the crush is not clear, but witnesses say partygoers had been packed tightly in the district’s narrow streets and it was difficult to move around.

Local authorities have said that at least 152 people were dead and more than 100 were injured. Quoting the fire department, Yonhap news agency reported that around 50 people had cardiac arrest. There were 19 foreigners among those killed in the stampede. They were from Iran, Uzbekistan, China and Norway.

Some Partygoers like this Tweep Sensed danger and posted it on twitter:

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has ordered officials to dispatch first aid teams and for hospital beds to be immediately available.

Those that could climbed pillars to catch a breath while others were too parked to be pulled apart

Emergency teams at the scene were very few compared to the number of causalities that needed help (CPR).

Watch Video below:

Video Showing the crushed people:

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